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International Network

Professor Sommerville (UK), Professor Meersman (Belgium), Professor Pissaloux (France), Professor Ulieru (Canada), Professor Ling (Netherlands), Professor Damiani (Italy) and Professor Shui (China) provide important international networks with Europe, North America and Asia. Because of the likely international ramifications of the extended enterprise, it is important to have these international linkages. Professor Meersman heads the Ontology Competence Centre at the Free University of Brussels which plays a central role in four major EU (European Union) projects. Professor Ulieru is the director of the 'Holonomic Enterprise' Centre.

Prof Bill Smyth
Ambassador Chuan-Leong Lam
A/Prof Chang-Tsun L


Prof Marc Kuster
Dr Henry Chan
Dr Leila Ismail


Prof Masoud Nikravesh
Prof Bogdan Wilamowski
Prof Kevin Parker
Prof Harold Boley
Prof Erich Neuhold Prof Peter Leong Khai Weng

Prof Achim Karduck A/Prof Paolo Ceravolo Prof Mihaela Ulieru
Prof Feng Ling Dr Alan Wong Prof Edwidge Pissaloux

Prof Y Y Wong Prof Chayan Boonyarak
Prof Punnee Sittidech
Prof Rajeev Rawat

Prof Costas Iliopoulos Prof Ian Sommerville Prof Ermesto Damiani
Prof Hermann Kopetz Prof Wendy Hall Prof Leonard Barolli
Prof Arno Scharl Prof Kwei Jay Lin Prof JIE WANG
Prof Feng Ling Prof Hai Zhuge Prof Ian Sommerville
Prof Chong R. Zhi
Prof Ming Shui Li
Prof Mirka Miller Prof Carles Sierra
Dr George Fodor Prof Jaiwei Han Dr Richard Mark Soley
Dr Zhendong Shao
Dr Antonio Izquierdo
Prof Jubair Al-Jaafar
Prof Makoto Takizawa
Dr Usama Fayyad
Prof Stephen Marsh

Dr Ronald Schoop
Dr.Christian Guet
Dr Paolo Dini

Prof Robert Meersman Prof Csaba Szabo MS. Josephine Cheng and
Dr Mukesh Mohania

Mr. Elias Santimano

Mr. Visalakshi Ramakonar Dr. Michael Brodie  

Assoc. Professor Wenny Rahayu
Professor Dr Phoebe Chen

Dr Wei Liu

Professor Janet Aisbett
A/Prof. Lji Ljana Brankovic;
A/Prof Huilin Ye

Professor Xing Yu
Assoc. Professor Zahir Tari

Professor Mirka Miller

Prof Yousef Ibrahim, A/Prof David Taniar

Dr. Farookh Hussain and
Dr. Jai Lu

Ms. Juliann Simons

Professor Peter Ellyard

Prof Lance Fung

Dr. Sandra Mau

Professor Terence Guthridge

Mr. Michael McMahon

Mr. Des Snook

Mr. Stephen Wallis

Prof Gereg Martin

Currently there is considerable research being conducted at each of these sites in the indicated areas, therefore, linkage into this work represents access to the key locations in Australia where such work is being done.

We have the opportunity to become a significant national force.


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