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IEEE TCII  is an International Research Committee hosted in University of New South Wales and Australian Defence Force Academy, Australia. Chaired by Professor Chang, TCII has developed into one of world’s excellent research committee with researchers around the world at the cutting edge of one of the most exciting and significant fields.

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We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in research at the highest international level that is innovative and significant as well as having a high impact through applications in business, industry and and other human endeavors. We actively pursue research in many areas but its specific research strategy is to develop excellence in five broad fields as demonstrated in the diagram below

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Creating value by making connections

World leading institute in interdisciplinary, domain driven collaborative research, empowered and enriched by cutting edge: cyber information engineering, human space computing, data mining and semantic technologies, business intelligence and domain knowledge rich ecosystem.
Eight-Fold Mission Statment
  1. Solve real-world problems for government, industry and commerce both nationally and internationally.
  2. Carry out top quality research which results in high impact publications and commercial outcomes
  3. Build connections with other disciplines and areas within our university

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Defence Researches and Innovations

Defense Logistics Australia and New Zealand

17-18 November 2014, Canberra Conversion Centre, Australia

Lead the coordinated delivery of effective and efficient logistics to enable Defence to trai...


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Smart Grid for Smart Home

Smart Grid is a novel initiative that aims to deliver energy to the users and also to achieve efficiency in its consumption b...


Congratulations on ARC Success to Dillon, Chang, Potdar, Singh, Martin, Snook

Congratulation to our DEBII team (4 members, including 2 early career researchers, Dr Vidy and Dr. Singh) together with Prof Greg Martin from PETREC and Mr. D. Snook from Main Road, that we obtained total $404,192 linkage funds over 3 years (including cash from ARC $314,192 and 90K from Industry). It is 1 of 3 grants that Curtin obtained. The other 2 success teams are from Geology and Environmental Science.

Note that we have also put in number of other ARC grants, and we will need to wait the result between June - Oct this year.
Detailed successful grant infor is attached here:
LP0990610 Prof TS Dillon; Prof E Chang; Dr V Potdar; Prof G Martin; Mr D Snook; Dr J Singh
Congestion management in key road networks of a major city through real time data
collection, intelligent forecasting and real time routing
Project Title
2009 :
2010 :
2011 :
2012 :
$ 52,365
$ 104,731
$ 104,731
$ 52,365
APA(I) Award(s): 1
APDI Dr J Singh
Main Roads of Western Australia - Government of Western Australia
Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC)
Collaborating/Partner Organisation(s)
Curtin University of Technology
The project researches the issues for allowing Australian Road Traffic Authorities to automatically capture road
traffic data, forecast traffic flows and smartly route traffic flows to avoid congestion on road networks. This will lead
to several benefits, such as (a) reducing traffic congestion, shorten travel time and lower pollution, (b) better
utilization of existing road infrastructure by diffusing traffic to alternate routes, (c) provide economic benefit by
allowing one to delay infrastructure expansion, (d) monitoring of aberrant behaviour by road users to ensure a safer
road environment, and (e) improved flexibility in deployment of the Wireless Sensor Network to meet the needs of
the road authorities and community.

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