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About TCII

The Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII) of the IEEE Computer Society deals with tools and systems using cognitive and intelligent paradigms such as knowledge engineering, artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computing, and rough sets, with research and applications in data mining, Web intelligence, brain informatics, intelligent agent technology, parallel and distributed information processing, and virtual reality.


TCII ( is an Internationally Reputed Research Institute and has become one of the top Research Centers of Excellence in Australia. The researchers at TCII work in extremely exciting and significant fields.  TCII has achieved an internationally significant position by working at the intersection of enabling technologies, business & economics and other human endeavours encapsulated by its motto of creating value by making connections.

At TCII, we are committed to the development of high quality multi, inter and trans-disciplinary research in collaboration with business, government and industry.  We target the application-driven research which is strategically positioned to be capable of opening up new vistas in SME growth, health care, environmental sustainability, education, energy economics and transport logistics as well as marketing, management and accounting. This is done by bringing to bear the networked economy and information infrastructure within these domains.  This approach reflects our transition from the technology era to the era of ‘domain centered problem-solving underpinned by MASTER -Multidisciplinary Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering Research’.


TCII Vision Statement

" To be the world leading institute in multi, inter and trans-disciplinary, socio-economic driven collaborative research, empowered by cutting edge computational science, co-innovation and collective intelligence

TCII is enriched by Multi-diciplinary research, through integration and synthesis of the discipline knowledge, theory and methods, is making unique contribution to each discipline as well as new emerging disciplines.

TCII is enriched by Inter-diciplinary research, through cross-fertilization of the epistemologies of one discipline with another, is bridging the gaps between the disciplines and resulting empowerment of each discipline, as well as new emerging disciplines.

TCII is enriched by Trans-diciplinary research, through transformation of each discipline knowledge, is creating new science, new disciplines and is discovering unknown and unforeseeable instances, which are beyond any discipline boundaries.


TCII Focuses on both Basic and Applied Research

TCII is focused on the taking the real world problems and translate them into scientific issues through multi, inter and trans-disciplinary research, followed by detailed basic and fundamental research to drive scientific solution to solve the domain problems. The applied research develops advanced solutions to the problems using enabling technologies. TCII has obtained many government and industry funded research projects which fall into applied area of socio-economic, health, education, transport, energy and environment sustainability.


Eight-Fold Mission Statement

  1. Solve real-world problems for government, industry and commerce both nationally and internationally;
  2. Carry out top quality research which results in high impact publications and commercial outcomes;
  3. Build connections with other disciplines and areas within the university;
  4. Develop national and international networks of research excellence;
  5. Achieve the highest number and greatest value in the winning of competitive grants;
  6. Create the most successful, largest and best quality HDR Graduate School in the field in Australia;
  7. Establish the best research body of expertise in the field in Australia and be one of the best in the world;
  8. Drive the intellectual agenda through key professional bodies, conferences, committees, editorial boards of journals and patents.

TCII actively engages with researchers around the world in science, social science, engineering and industries, nationally and internationally to address important issues that confront business and society today. At TCII, we focus on Socio-Economics, Environment, Digicology and Sustainability (SEEDS), with particular interest in business intelligence, healthcare governance, education and training, energy sustainability, and SME Economics (small-medium enterprise economics) such as Transport and Logistics; through Multi-disciplinary Applied Science, Technology and Engineering Research (MASTER). Our engagement with Industry and Government encourages leading organizations in Australia and European Union to fund and support the research and training.

Our new exciting endeavour was hosting the new IEEE/IES conference series on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies commencing in 2007 in Cairns, Australia, in 2008 in Phitsanulok, Thailand, in 2009 in Istanbul, in 2010 in Dubai and 2011 in Korea. The conference series is proving to be highly successful with many delegates from all over the globe. It addresses open technological challenges in the intersections between IT and industry, IT and government, IT and business IT and humanities, IT and its social economic and political impact. The conference provided a new vision of strategically inspired and application driven research and created new synergies between enabling technologies and industry as well as human society, and placed itself in a unique position to contribute to the society in electronic-digital domain as well as the social economic domain. With the initiative from the European Union’s Six Framework Project and the support of IEEE IES from North America, the holding of this conference series in the Asia Pacific region, the conference has become a heady intellectual brew in this golden intellectual triangle.

TCII Australian Office
TCII Chair: Professor Elizabeth Chang 
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TCII Secretary: Dr. Omar Hussain
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TCII Germany Office
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TCII Italy Office
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TCII Malaysia Office
Dr Vish Ramakonar
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TCII China Office
Professor Jie Li
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TCII Japan Office
Associate Professor Kouji Kozaki
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