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Chang, E., Dillon, T.S., Hussain, F.K. 2006, Trust and Reputation for Service-Oriented Environments - Technologies for Building Business Intelligence and Consumer Confidence, John Wiley and Sons, UK (400 pages), ISBN: 0-470- 01547-0

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Chan, H., Lee, R., Dillon, T.S., Chang, E. 2001, E-commerce principles and practise, John Wiley and Sons, UK (400 pages). ISBN 0-471-49303-1

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Other Edited Books

Chang, E., Hussain, F.K. & Rosbotham, S., 2005, Industrial Informatics – Frontier Technology for the Future of Industry and Business (Edited), IEEE Computer Society, NJ. USA, (500 pages) ISBN:0-7803-9095-4

Brookes, W., Lawrence, E., Steele, R., Chang, E., 2005, Mobile Business (Edited), IEEE Computer Society, NJ, (700 pages) ISBN: 0-7695-2367-6

Title: Advance in Web Semantics I

Abstract: The Web has now been in existence for quite some time and it is pervasive in its influence on all aspects of society and commerce.It has also produced a major shift in our thinking on the nature and scope of information processing. However in its technological nature and its supporting theoretical foundations, it was relatively rudimentary, being largely suitable for information dissemination. It is rapidly moving away from this, to application deployment and knowledge deployment that require complex interactions and properly structured underlying semantics. This has been a sudden upsurge of research activity in the problems associated with adding semantics to the Web. This work on semantics will involve data, knowledge, and process semantics.

Dillon, T.S., Chang, E., Meersman, R., Sycara, K. 2008, Advances in Web Semantics I, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-540-89783-5

Title: Biomedical Data and Applications

Abstract: Bioinformatics tools and systems perform a diverse range of functions including: data collection, data mining, data analysis, data management,and data integration. computer-aided technology directly supporting medical applicationa is excluded from this definition and is referred to as medical informatics. This book is not an attempt at authoritatively describing the gamut of information contained in this field. Instead, it focuses on the areas of biomedical data integration, access, and interoperability as these areas form the cornerstone of the field. However, most of the approaches presented are generic integration systems that can be used in many similar contexts.

Sidhu, A.S., Dillon, T.S. 2009, Biomedical Data and Applications, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg , ISBN 978-3-642-02192-3

Title: Ontology-Based Multi-Agent Systems

Abstract: The Semantic web has given a great deal of impetus to the development of ontologies and multi-agent systems. Several books have appeared which discuss the development of ontologies or of multi-agent systems separately on their own. The growing interaction between agents and ontologies has highlighted the need for integrated development of these. This book is unique in being the first to provide an integrated treatment of the modeling., design and implementation of such combined ontology/multi-agent systems. It provides clear exposition of this integrated modeling and design methodology. It further illustrates this with two detailed case studies in (a) the biomedical area and (b) the software engineering area. The book is, therefore, of interest to researchers, graduate students and practitioners in the semantic web and web science area.

Hadzic, M., Wongthongtham, P., Dillon, T., Chang, E. 2009, Ontology-Based Multi-Agent Systems, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-642-01903-6

Chang, E., Dillon, T., Hussain, F.K. 2008, Trust and Reputation for Service-oriented Environments: Technologies for Building Business Intelligence and Consumer Confidence,John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 978-7-308-05860-5

Title: Mining of Data with Complex Structures

Abstract: The emergence of data with complex structures is evident in many domains such as, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Web Intelligence applications, scientific knowledge management, etc. When such data sources are used, the attributes of the domain are often organized in a hierarchical (tree) or graph structure to enable a more semantic representation of (complex) properties and relationships of data objects. Mining of such data poses additional challenges in the data mining field, as it requires the development of data mining methods capable of taking into account the complex structures of the data and preserving the relationships and structural properties in the extracted knowledge patterns. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the issues related to developing techniques for mining tree-structured, sequential or graph structured data. A stronger focus is placed on algorithms for mining of tree-structured data, and we discuss the theoretical and practical aspects to be considered during algorithm development. A general framework is presented that can mine several of different types of knowledge patterns under different constraints. The implications behind mining each of the different subtree types are discussed in a knowledge management application scenario and several case studies for some other application areas are performed. A detailed experimental study is provided to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches to tree mining, and indicate some important differences.

Hadzic, F., Tan, H., & Dillon, T. S. 2011. Mining of Data with Complex Structures. Studies in Computational Intelligence Series, vol. 333, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany, ISBN 978-3-642-17556-5

Title:Computational Intelligence Techniques for New Product Design
Springer, Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London
ISBN 978-3-642-27475-6

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